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Metallic Cyber Press-on Nails (Fits All)

Metallic Cyber Press-on Nails (Fits All)

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This is a handmade reusable Gel Pressons with 10 different designs and fits all sizes. Length is Long. Shape is Coffin. 

It includes:

  • 20 pcs nails to fit all sizes 
  • Push Stick
  • File
  • Buff
  • Alcohol Prep Pad
  • Sticky Tabs (2 pack)
  • Cuticle Oil 

How to use: 

  1. Choose your press-on nail size according to your nails. Make sure it fits side wall to side wall. 
  2. Push your cuticles using the  Push stick.  
  3. File your nails using the File.
  4. Buff your nails using the Buff.
  5. wipe your nails using the Alcohol  Pad. 
  6. Apply sticky tabs unto each nail and remove the plastic film.
  7. Gently press and hold each press-on nails at a 45 degree angle for 10 seconds each. 

After Care:

  • avoid multiple contact with water after application. instead, use sanitizing spay ( alcohol) when needed. 
  • use gloves when doing house chores
  • avoid picking nails/ biting nails 
  • do not use nails as tools (to open anything) 

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